Dr. Amy Miller, MD
Founder &
Medical Director
Gwen Rohr, MA
Assistant to Dr. Miller & Client Care Coordinator
Kasandra May, FNP-BC
Lead Aesthetic Injector & Weight Loss Specialist
Andrea Detterman, MA
Assistant to Kasandra
& Weight Loss Specialist

Kimberly Franer, FNP-BC

Weight Loss Specialist & Aesthetic Injector

Miranda Mogle, MSN, RN, LE

Aesthetic Nurse Injector & Laser Technician
Madeline Hummel, RN
Aesthetic Nurse Injector & Laser Technician


Pam Lawson, MA
Weight Loss Specialist
& Community Liaison
Lora Bunch, LE
Lead Esthetician
& Laser Technician
Emma Sprich, LE
& Acne Specialist
Meaghan Detterman
Jessi Green
Marketing &
Operations Manager
Rebecca Willoughby, LE
Spa Director & Guest Relations Manager
Ashley Gruhala, LE
Guest Relations & Esthetician
Hailey Ehrlich
Guest Relations