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The Radiant Glow VIP Program

Are you looking to receive discounts to your favorite med spa? We want to reward you for being a loyal SLSS friend! We are excited to introduce the Radiant Glow VIP Program!

The Radiant Glow VIP Program allows you to receive your DiamonGlow™ or OxyGeneo™ treatment for only $175!

How does it work?

The Radiant Glow VIP program is a 6-month recurring payment of $175 to be used for either a DiamondGlow™ or an OxyGeneo™ facial.

You can add additional areas (neck, chest, etc)for only an additional $100 per area.

Receive a free cleanser and SLSS swag when you sign-up.

Membership ends at 6-months unless you want to continue to receive your monthly deal. (You won’t get stuck)

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Are there other perks?

Be on the lookout for members only exclusive offers throughout your membership.

Do the credits expire? 

You have 9 months to use all 6 of your facials. If you don’t use them all, the money will simply be converted into a credit on your account.  (You lose the discount but never the money!)

How do I get started? 

Getting started is simple, we can set up the Radiant Glow program for you! Give us a call! 

What type of treatment are you looking for?

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