Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

St Louis Skin Solutions, a leader in aesthetic medicine is proud to introduce the safe administration of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy in Des Peres, MO. Bioidentical Hormones are derived from substances obtained from plants that are then converted to molecules identical to our own natural hormones.


Hormones are a great complement to skin treatments, as Dr Miller mentions in her blog “The Skin is not an Endocrine Organ! And other Myths Perpetrated in Medical Training”. The skin abounds with estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and even melatonin receptors.  Melatonin is produced by the skin as well!  Hormone receptors are why birth control pills can be helpful for acne, estrogen can quench dry, depleted skin and progesterone promotes scalp hair growth.  The skin most definitely IS an endocrine organ. During menopause, women start noticing a change in the skin as the estrogen levels begin to dip. It has been shown that during menopause, the epidermal layer of skin becomes thinner. The collagen content of the skin decreases which leads to more wrinkles, sagging, decreased moisture content, and reduced elasticity.

Why should I consider Bioidentical Hormone Replacement?

Hormone replacement should be considered when you notice symptoms of hormone decline. These symptoms may include:

• Sexual and libido issues

• Hot flashes

• Mood/anxiety disorders

• Brain fog or cloudiness

• Sleep problems

• Weight control problems

• Fatigue


General Health Benefits of BHRT

Bioidentical hormone therapy can enhance your overall health. BHRT may provide protection from heart disease if started within 10 years of menopause, it can slow and even prevent osteoporosis. It helps with mental health by enhancing mental acumen, decreasing memory loss, and increasing concentration. BHRT can also help to stimulate collagen and prevent the increase in sebum production that is common in menopause.


Bioidentical hormones have been studied for over 70 years with evidence that they are safe and effective in treating several hormone-related problems that are most associated, with menopause and perimenopause. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can reverse many symptoms of menopause!


Bioidentical hormones are natural hormones that are molecularly identical to the hormones produced in your own body. Your body doesn’t see the difference between the natural hormones that are supplemented and the hormones it produces by itself. As a result, bioidentical hormones are properly utilized, and are then able to be naturally metabolized and excreted from the body, giving you much needed benefits.


The medical providers at St. Louis Skin Solutions will do extensive blood and if needed urine testing to determine your exact hormone profile. Hormones are available as implanted pellets, transdermal creams, gels, patches, sublingual troches, sublingual drops, vaginal suppositories, oral capsules, and injectables.


Hormone Pellet Therapy

Time released pellets improve and maintain hormone levels for an extended period. Pellets are made to replace testosterone and estrogen hormone levels. Hormone pellet therapy is a treatment method used to deliver bioidentical hormones into the body. Hormone pellets are used to restore ideal hormone levels in persons who are looking to get relief from the symptoms of menopause. These symptoms include hot flashes, fatigue, brain fog, low libido and many more. Bioidentical hormone pellets are inserted underneath the skin in the hip area by a St. Louis Skin Solutions’ medical professional.

What type of treatment are you looking for?

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